Poultry Products

Poultry Products

Whether it’s a roasted chicken for dinner, a turkey roasted to golden perfection on your Holiday table or fried eggs every morning for breakfast, poultry products enjoy ever-increasing popularity. With that, professional growers are constantly in search of ways to make their products even more enjoyable for the consumer. That search always includes considering nutritional options that will promote efficient growth and production, as well as supporting excellent bird health.

In recent years, many producers have chosen to remove antibiotics in favor of natural solutions to protect their birds from disease outbreaks. Those products are typically herbal in nature, and include such things as essential oils and hydrolysable tannins. Ironically, these natural products often work better than products provided by “Big Pharma”, and without the potential for harmful residues.

Cage-free and antibiotic-free (ABF) productions systems are growing rapidly and offer profitable opportunities in niche markets. With that comes challenges that rely heavily on nutrition and husbandry for solutions. The offering of high Omega-3 meat and eggs can easily be accomplished with nutrition, as well.

XF-Nebraska provides ingredients that address these issues and opportunities, so as to optimize growth and production performance in your broiler, layer or turkey flocks.

Free range chickens pecking in the grass, looking for food on a sunny day

Our featured products for chicken and turkeys include:

EXL LIPEX.FA369 – an all-vegetable source of Omega-6 & 3 essential fatty acids in a 1:1 ratio, plus Omega-9, ideal for the optimum efficiency and the production of Omega-3 enriched meat and eggs.

FARMATAN GRANULAR – a source of Sweet Chestnut Tannin that when fed to birds is found to reduce enteric pathogen pressures on the flock.

XF JUMP START – a liquid blend of amino acid chelated minerals and essential oils for the drinking water before and during stressful events.