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XF -Nebraska

XF-Nebraska is located in Stromsburg, Nebraska. We are a Midwest marketing division of XF Enterprises, Inc. of Hereford, Texas. We provide expertise in animal nutrition, veterinary health and animal husbandry. All of these important disciplines add value to our entire offering of carefully selected nutritional and nutraceutical products.

XF-Nebraska designs, develops and researches products that solve production problems, as well as enhance animal performance and longevity so as to boost profits for the producer. We don’t stop there! We identify unique ingredients worldwide that will bring immediate cost savings and/or profits to the producer by improving both animal health and performance. Our list of products is broad, but most can be found in one of the following categories.

  • \Premium Proteins – vital in piglet diets when a superior amino acid profile along with high palatability and digestibility are needed.
  • \Essential Fatty Acids – an all-vegetable source of Omega-3 fatty acids for all species.
  • \Functional Minerals – ingredients that offer more to the host than basic nutritional needs.
  • \Non-antibiotic Health Promotors – giving the animal every opportunity to thrive without the fear of antibiotic resistance and residues.
Happy pigs living on organic ecological farm
Indoors chicken farm, chicken feeding, farm for growing broiler chickens.
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black and brown cattle

Markets Served…

With our strategic location in the upper Midwest and broad access to various domestic markets, XF-Nebraska is equipped to serve the livestock industry nationwide. We are also very active in the development of wholesome and healthy products for your companion animals.

Internationally, XF-Nebraska is actively trading with several countries in the Asia-Pacific region including South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the Philippines, as well as South America.

XF-Nebraska works closely with many excellent regional feed companies and veterinary clinics in order to best serve the livestock producer and animal owner. Whether you’re a hobby farmer or an integrated production system, we are equipped to provide you with products that will expose the genetic potential of your animals.

The animal species served by XF-Nebraska include swine, beef, dairy, small ruminants and poultry, as well as horses and dogs. We are especially focused on those animals selected for reproduction. The nutritional support provided during pregnancy is vital to not only her health, physical stamina and longevity, but also the health and performance of her off-spring.