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Whatever role you play in pork production (i.e. farrow/wean, farrow/feeder pig, farrow/finish, wean/finish or grow/finish) it is important to keep in mind that over 1/3 of that pig’s productive life occurs in utero, and begins long before birth. Yes…the growth curve and general health status of every pig starts at conception. With that, we pay as much attention to sow and gilt nutrition at breeding and the 1st trimester, as we do the 3rd trimester and through lactation. Further, if you are involved with a parent or grandparent herd, you should be aware of epigenetic effects. The early development of all systems, including the reproductive and musculoskeletal systems, occur during gestation, and those genetic capacities are passed to the next generation…good or bad.

As with the sow, there is one stressor that we cannot overlook in grow/finish, and that is “production stress”. Pigs today are like Olympic athletes, and without finely tuned nutrient dense diets they will not perform to their potential, if not crash. For that reason, you will find that our nutritional products for swine are unique to the industry in many ways.

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Our featured swine products include:

EXL LIPEX.R3 – an all-vegetable source of Omega-6 & 3 in a 0.4:1 ratio ideal for optimum reproductive performance.

EXL LIPEX.FA369 – an all-vegetable source of Omega-6 & 3 in a 1:1 ratio, plus Omega-9 ideal for optimum reproductive performance and production of Omega-3 enriched pork. 

PremiumPro – an all-natural nutrient-rich and highly palatable ingredient especially designed for nursery pigs, but with many other uses. 

Rx PIG STARTER – a complete pig starter specifically formulated for the stressed piglet providing maximum acceptance, consumption and digestibility. 

XF JUMP START – a liquid blend of amino acid chelated minerals and essential oils for the drinking water young and stressed pigs. 

XF NURSERY BLEND 600 – a source of antibodies (IgY) for feed or drinking water that offer protection against common swine pathogens.

XF COMPLETE 35-10 – a unique blend of nitrogen and energy to support optimum gut microflora.

The Extra Factor 2X – a blend of mineral salts that supports both intestinal motility and tissue hydration. 

FARMATAN GRANULAR – a source of Sweet Chestnut Tannin that when fed to the sow is found to decrease pathogen exposure to new born piglets.