Small Ruminant Products

Products for Small Ruminants

Sheep and goats, collectively known as “small ruminants”, have enjoyed renewed popularity in recent years. They were among the first animals domesticated, and hold a prominent Biblical history. Sheep and goats continue to provide humans a rich supply of fiber, pelt, meat and milk.

As with beef and dairy, when considering the nutritional needs of sheep and goats, we must first address the nutritional needs of the rumen microbes. With proper nutrition, the rumen microbes will be fortified to efficiently digest forages and generate microbial protein and other important co-products beneficial to the host animal. All other nutrients that are fed must pass through the rumen ungraded and in a form that can be digested in the abomasum (the true stomach) and small intestine. Without a “healthy” rumen, the forages in the ration will be poorly utilized, and the host animal will be vulnerable to multitude of health and stress challenges and other production stresses.

XF-Nebraska provides ingredients that address these issues so as to optimize growth, reproduction and lactation performance in your sheep and goat flocks.

small ruminants

Our featured products for sheep and goats include:

EXL 7060.R3 – an all-vegetable source of Omega-6 & 3 essential fatty acids in a 0.4:1 ratio ideal for optimum reproductive performance.

EXL 7060.FA369 – an all-vegetable source of Omega-6 & 3 essential fatty acids in a 1:1 ratio, plus Omega-9 ideal for optimum reproductive performance and production of Omega-3 enriched butterfat and meat.

XF JUMP START – a liquid blend of amino acid chelated minerals and  essential oils for the drinking water or milk replacer of stressed animals. 

    WARNING – XF JUMP START contains copper. Do not feed to sheep.

RUMETRICS OP – a product designed to mitigate heat stress. 

    WARNING – RUMETRICS OP contains copper. Do not feed to sheep.

XF COMPLETE 35-10 – a convenient and powerful blend of nitrogen and energy to support optimum rumen function.  

FARMATAN GRANULAR – a source of Sweet Chestnut Tannin that when fed to the ewe or nanny is found to decrease pathogen exposure to the new-born lambs and kids.