Horse & Dog Products

Products for Horses & Dogs

Horses and dogs are man’s best friends and rapidly become part of the family. How can you walk by a dog or a horse without stopping and saying “hello” with pat on the head or a brief petting?

Professionals who breed horses for pleasure, show or physical competition know the importance of excellent nutrition. Whether it’s reproductive performance, stamina or high health with a shiny hair coat, nutrition plays a vital role.

Likewise, professional dog breeders want their puppies to be in the peak of health when they arrive at their new homes. As with us humans, nutritional status dictates health status. With that, nature has provided us with many healthy options.

XF-Nebraska provides ingredients that address these issues so as to optimize health, growth, reproduction and lactation performance in your stable or kennel.

Adult bay horse and black dog are on the grass in countryside

Our featured products for horses and dogs:

EXL LIPEX.R3 – an all-vegetable source of Omega-6 & 3 essential fatty acids in a 0.4:1 ratio ideal for optimum health and reproductive performance. 

FARMATAN GRANULAR – a source of Sweet Chestnut Tannin that when fed is known to develop and support optimal gut health.